SPI Systems Ltd

The Company

Mission Statement

SPI is committed to continue being a leader in the design, development and distribution of superior and unique Lighting and Energy controls including hardware and software products for the global marketplace. SPI will continue to distinguish itself as an innovator and true leader driven by its proactive management to remain a vital technology corporation.

History & Overview

Walter Pilar, President and seasoned executive, founded SPI in 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada primarily as a Lighting Control System equipment supplier and service center. The company has grown substantially, establishing itself as a technology innovator, developing products for lighting control and electrical energy conservation in North America.

SPI received recognition through its presentations at trade shows and it received numerous awards from the energy industry and government for its innovations and technology.

The management of the company has always stressed the importance of scientific research and product development as a key to corporate growth and its long-term success. SPI's management has assembled an impressive team of experienced scientists, engineers and technicians whose R&D results have been nothing short of spectacular.

In the new millennium the company has moved with the times to further advance the strength of its business by clearly focusing on the global marketplace for global energy conservation, through the advance development of its LCS2 microprocessor controlled lighting system and partnership with leading manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures and wireless controls.