SPI Systems Ltd

Software Support

The color graphic is a powerful on-line, real-time lighting control operating system. The dynamic color display presents the actual condition of each lighting zone. The operator at a control location can change the state of any zone with the click of a mouse on the Central Host Computer.

The color graphic system enables the user to produce drawings of a lighting control system for any building floor plan on the computer screen. This could be by floor, by zone, or any other graphic layout that may be appropriate. The ON/Off buttons can be placed into the floor plan (for graphic layout) allowing direct control of the low voltage lighting system with a single mouse point and click operation.

The operator can bring up the floor plan of any area, view the current lighting levels, and make changes as required in real-time.

Data Acquisition

This optional software package enables the user to record a log file for each significant event received from any RPP.This information can be used to generate a history report of any input switch or relay on the system, indicating the on and off times of a relay (or group of relays) over a defined period of time. From this data, the user can produce energy usage reports per relay, per area, or on the whole system.