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Power Switching Devices - Relays

The WR-6161 is a magnetic latching relay. When it receives a momentary polarized pulse from a two-wire relay control system, it provides a permanent On/Off control of lighting and other electrical loads. Its state remains until the coil is re-magnetized.

WR-6161 is a Single pole 20 Amp High-In-Rush-Duty Relay
WR-6166 is a Double pole 20 Amp High-In-Rush-Duty Relay

Electrical Inputs (Low Voltage) ± 24 VDC, rectified half-waves, reverse polarity. Class II, 350 mA current
Electrical Outputs (Line Voltage) – Resistive load: 20 A, 347 Vac
– Inductive load: 20 A, 347 Vac
– Incandescent lamp: 20 A, 120 Vac
– Fluorescent lamp: 20 A, 347 Vac
– H.I.D Lamp: 20 A, 347 Vac
– Motor: 1-1/2 HP at 220-277 Vac (general use).
– Motor: 1/2 HP at 120 Vac (tungsten)
Operation – A positive pulse of 18 to 30 Vdc opens the relay and disables the load (Off action)

– A negative pulse of -18 to –30 Vdc closes the relay and enables the load (On action)

Test condition – Reliable contact opening mechanism for 60,000+ On/Off cycles on a full 20 A HID charge at 347 Vac (20 times/minute switching cycle)

– High in-rush duty (HID) : Flawless operation up to 1,500 A for 20 milliseconds

– Ambient temperature: -30° C to 50° C

Override switch Manual On/Off operation lever (integral to the relay)
Status indicator Visual mechanical indicator of status (On or Off)
Wiring Two-wire for both pulse activation and state return command for automatic monitoring through a control panel indicator lamp or a host PC
Mounting Adapter mounted for easy removal. Mounts on WR-9910 Mounting Strap.
Auxiliary contact (optional)  

0.5 A, 125 Vac

Weight in lb (kg) 0.437 (0.198)
Certification – Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed