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Installation Instructions

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Override Switch and Relay Connection
RS-485 Bus Connection
Photocell Wiring

General Notes:

  • All relays are controlled by schedule as well as by the devices shown in the I/O sheets.
  • Where no devices are shown in the I/O sheets as controlling a relay, it may be controlled by schedule, local control, or central control.
  • A heavy line in the I/O sheets indicates a separation in the RPP for different voltages.
  • Trunk wiring shall be Belden #9842 or equivalent. (Refer to System Riser diagram.) Maximum trunk length - 4000 feet. Maximum impedance - 50 ohms.
  • Good building ground must be used to a RPPs. If this is not available then a separate ground to earth must be provided.
  • Provide a Minimum of 10% spare wire unless indicated otherwise. Spare to be tagged.
  • All electrical boxes supplied for remote devices such as switches and sensors to be deep type electrical boxes.
  • All field devices must be connected properly before any termination to RPPs with system power off. Ground fault on field wiring may cause damage to RPP panels.
  • All panels to be powered from a 347/277/120 VAC unswitched power source unless noted otherwise on system riser diagram.
  • This set of shop drawings has been prepared and customized for this particular project by our Engineering Department. Any changes or deviation to be made require written approval from the Engineering Department of SPI Systems Ltd.
  • All field connection of trunk wire must be soldered.